Project Description

Campaign Kick-off / Be Bold—God has blessed us.

I come today—speaking after all the masses—
bringing great news.

On Wednesday—
we got a call from the police telling us
that they may have found the person who stole
our processional cross.

When they showed us the
picture of the cross that this man
had in his possession—
it was indeed our 15th century
French processional Cross.

Just think of all the masses—
masses not just here at Holy Spirit Parish—
but masses in Europe—
and masses wherever this beautiful Cross has been—
leading the procession—
lifted high—
in the company of the thousands of Christians
who have come to worship the Savior in the Holy Mass.

God has blessed us with its return.

There will be many more masses with this Cross.

And God has blessed us with the opportunity to
not only forgive the person who took it—
but also, to pray for him—
pray that God will bless his life.

God blesses us with the opportunity
to be part of His mission—
God’s mission of love and mercy.

I also bring the great news that we are
officially kicking off our “Be Bold” campaign—
our campaign to refurbish and expand our facility.

And it’s not just that our facility is aging and
in need of significant repair—
it’s also that we are busting at the seams and
in need of space to carry out our mission—
God’s mission.

Again, God has Blessed us with such a
vibrant parish community—
a community whose activities and ministries
continue to grow.

Our kids in CCD have literally run out of room
with Sister having to turn down some families
who want to join our parish and enter our program.

Our music program continues to grow
and needs more room.

If you come on a Tuesday night—
There was so much going on—
we had trouble finding an adequate space for
our large RCIA class to meet.

And it’s no different on Wednesday nights and Thursday nights—
as we have more and more small Bible studies—
both student and adult.

And our campus ministry program—
thanks be to God—
continues to grow and grow.

God has indeed blessed us.

So, we need to renovate and expand our facilities.

But this “Be Bold” campaign—
Is not primarily about facilities—
About a building.

No, this campaign is primarily about the mission
that God and the Church has given us.

God gives us the incredible dignity of
of being a part of His mission—
God blesses us with this great opportunity.

I believe in this project so much that I am personally pledging—
Over a three-year period—
One year of my salary—

And I am asking you and
anyone who will listen to me
to “Be bold” too—
“be bold” in the opportunity that God has laid before us.

Be Bold for our parish—
Be Bold for our students—
Be Bold for a Broken World—
Be Bold for Jesus.

God has indeed blessed us.