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21C Isaiah 66: 18-21/ Hebrews 12:5-7, 11-13/ Luke 13:22-30

It was in 1163 and
a man was walking along the
river Seine in Paris.

He wandered
upon a huge new building site
and found a man
laying bricks.

It was late in the afternoon—
the workers were tired and sweating.

He asked the man,
“What are you building here?”

“I’m just laying bricks,” the worker replied.

He asked another worker,
“What are you building here?”

The worker snapped at the onlooker by saying,
“Are your blind?
I’m building a wall.”

Frustrated the man begin to walk away. . .

But as he turned he bumped into one of
the other men.

He was also laying bricks.

“What are you building here?”
he asked.

This time the builder stopped working.

He stepped back and asked
the onlooker to do the same.

Then, looking up toward the sky—
and spreading his arms wide—
he said, “we’re building a cathedral.”

“Cathedrals are beautiful,” the observer said.

But you’ve never seen a cathedral
as beautiful as this one,”
the bricklayer said—
almost gasping for air in his excitement.

“This will be the finest cathedral the
world has ever seen.
It will tower above the city,
men and women will marvel at it,
and people will come from
all over the world just to see it.”

It took 182 years to finish
that cathedral.

Those first brick layers—
never got to see it completed.

Of course, it was Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

With all the France’s rich history—
With all France’s incredible sites—
and phenomenal art—
Notre-Dame is the most visited
attraction in France each year.

Men and women of all faiths and—
even those with no faith at all—
come to visit Notre Dame and marvel at it.

And you saw the world’s reaction
when this Cathedral caught fire this year.
The out pouring of support and resources.

And what are we Christians asked to help to build.

We’re asked—
By Jesus—
to help build up the Kingdom of God.

So, Brothers and Sisters in Christ
everything we do
should be directed toward
that goal of Christianity.—
helping build up the Kingdom of God.

So every act of love—
Every time we volunteer—
Every bible study—
Every prayer—
Every song of praise we sing—
Every sacrifice—
Every time we give of our time
and our talent and
our treasure . . .

It orients us—
It Directs us—
To help make manifest the Kingdom.

That’s why we have our Mission Sunday every year.

Through our Parish and Newman Center
we offer many ways to fulfill our
mission as Christians.

And what are building here?

We’re helping build the Kingdom of God.

I’m going to invite Mary Weber Bane and
Rene Leaver up to help lead us through the
process of how we can participate in God’s mission.

Holy Spirit 08/24-25/2019