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Trinity C
Proverbs 8:23-31 / Romans 5:1-5 / John 16:12-15

One of my good friends and his wife are
now the proud parents of a
brand new baby boy.

Isaiah is his name.

And Isaiah is all of 6 weeks old.

I love that name—

It’s such a strong biblical name.

In biblical times names carried great meaning.

Names were chosen carefully because
a child’s name was meant to
send a message to the world

For example—
What does the name “Jesus” mean—
the name that Mary and Joseph gave their son?

Jesus means “God saves.”

It was and continues to be
a message to the world

You know what Isaiah means?

It means “God is salvation”.

Great name isn’t it!

Many of God’s prophets at first
ran away from their mission.

But not Isaiah.

Isaiah didn’t shy away.

No—Isaiah said,
“Send me Lord—
Send me.”

There is no telling what God
has planned for little 6-week-old Isaiah.

Well, I just love spending time with this young family—
Mom and Dad and Isaiah.

I love to just hold little Isaiah.

Minutes will pass and I realize
that I’m just staring at him.

Newborn babies do that don’t they?!?!?!?

Bring a little baby into a room and
see you know what happens—
they’re like a magnet.

But Isaiah is not only one I like to stare at
when I’m with this young family.

I also love to watch mommy and daddy. . . .

and guess what they’re doing most of the time?

They’re staring at little Isaiah.

I asked the dad one day while
they were till in hospital.,

What do you do all day?

He said, “We just look at him!!!!”

I think this is one of the most beautiful of
all the possible human portraits.

A new mother and father
looking down—
staring at—
loving their newborn child.

Here are some words that came to mind as
I took in this most beautiful of all human portraits.

Mesmerized. . . . Engrossed. . . .

Spellbound. . . . Captivated. . . .

Absorbed. . . . Immersed. . . .

in this newborn.

The type of love expressed in
this young family portrait—
I think—
the most selfless love
that we humans are capable of.

It’s not an erotic love—
It’s not eros—
It’s not a desirous or covetous love
that couples experience.

And it’s not the love of close friendship—
as deep as that love can be
it’s not philia.

No, this is agape love—
it’s a complete self-sacrificial love—
it’s self-less.

Mom and Dad will do anything for little Isaiah—
They will go to any lengths

not counting the costs—
even if it means giving up their own lives—
it’s agape love.

And they didn’t learn this type of love—
they didn’t go to training camp to practice it.

No, it’s natural—
It just happens.

It’s embedded somewhere in their DNA.
You know, as much that has been
written about the Holy Trinity—
the libraries and libraries and
libraries of books. . . .

written by some of the greatest minds—

written in the most nuanced and technical theological language—

As laudable and valuable as what has been written about the Trinity
as humanity wrestles to try to understand the
the mystery of God—

Perhaps. . .
just perhaps. . .
the closest we humans can get
to understanding this mystery of all mysteries. . .

The closest we humans can get to some
comprehension of the nature of the Trinity. . .

is the beautiful portrait
of a new mommy—
and a new daddy—
in love with each other. . . .

and acting as one—
staring down at their newborn baby—
awestruck in love.

While all analogies concerning God fall short. . . .
this, I think—
is a pretty good one.

And if this kind of love is embedded
somewhere in the mom and dad’s DNA. . . .

Well, this kind of love is
the complete DNA of God.

Love is the most essential—
The deepest truth about our Triune God!

So, just as mommy and daddy are side by side—
Acting as one—
Staring at their newborn.

In this analogy—
God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit—
Acting as one—
Staring down on us.

And that stare is stare of a love that
we can’t even begin realize the depths of.

That stare reveals that God is . . . .

Mesmerized. . . . Engrossed. . . .

Spellbound. . . . Captivated. . . .

Absorbed. . . . Immersed. . . .

With us.

God the Father and Son and Holy Spirit—
Look down upon us—
And sees wonderful things in us
that we’re not even aware of.

When God stares at us—
God sees our great potential.

When God stares at us—
No matter what our name is—
God sees our capacity of being
His special message to the world. . . .

Like “God is salvation”—
Like “God is love”

And this spell-bound God who stares
at us in such love—
is always ready to forgive—
always ready to show mercy—
always ready to comfort—
always ready to instruct—
always ready to help.
You know,
all of us have our favorite family portraits.

My favorite family portrait
is one when I was a little baby.

I’m just a few weeks old—
probably about little Isaiah’s age.

And my mom is sitting down holding me on her lap—

And my dad is standing over her shoulder—

And they both are looking down staring at me—

And they have the biggest smile on their faces.

I love to look at that picture because
I know that no matter what happens—
I am loved.

And I also know that there is a similar
portrait hanging on the walls of the eternal. . . .

God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit—
Acting as one—
Staring down at me—
in awestruck love.

I know—
I just know—
that I am loved.

Can we pray:

Triune God—
God of Infinite Love. . . .

Never let us forget how much we are loved.

Never let us forget that Father and Son and Holy Spirit—
Acting as one in love—
are constantly staring at us with a love
the depths of which is beyond on our imagination.

Triune God—
God of Infinite Love. . .

Since we have been created in your image—
Help us to love others—
Even our enemies—
more like you love us.

Triune God—
God of Infinite Love. . .

We love you too.


Holy Spirit 06/15-16/2019