#SeeNewman – The Video!

Check out our story!  Thanks to a generous donor, we've produced a short video to share our mission at the Newman Center.  We welcome all here - the devout, the questioning, the wandering, the fallen-away - we're all pilgrims.  No matter your place on your journey, we're honored by your presence, so join us anytime!  P.S. Bring a friend!


  1. Susan says

    I loved this video! But I would just like to say that the Newman Center isn’t just for students at UK. Many of us are staff and faculty at UK, and we love the presence of
    God and the fellowship here, too! It would be wonderful if you could show some older people in your video, especially interacting with students. 🙂 Thanks for listening.

    • admin says

      Thanks so much for the feedback, Susan! Great thoughts for #SeeNewman – the Sequel – keep spreading the good news about our community here at Newman Center!

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