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The Family: Battleground for Sainthood with Sean and Lexie Breeden

So often when we think of holiness, we think of great saints who are priests or religious sisters. We thank God for those amazing examples of faith, and yet it is a grave error to conclude that the heights of holiness are not attainable in marriage and family life. Rather, family life is the battleground where saints are made. We have every grace and opportunity to achieve the universal call to holiness right in our own homes, families, and secular workplaces. Sean and Lexie will discuss the importance of simply believing and declaring the promises of Christ over our own lives, the life of our spouse, and the lives of our children. One of Satan’s favorite tactics is to plant small lies in our minds which go unchallenged and grow over time to become strongholds. But, through the intimacy of family life, we can choose to constantly speak truth to each other and plant seeds of freedom that grow and bear fruit over time. Come join us for a practical talk about how your ordinary daily life can become a training ground for sainthood!

6:00pm – Doors Open/Check In
6:20pm – Mass*
7:00pm – Social, Drinks, and Dinner
8:00pm – Guest Speaker

*Please note that the entire event (including Mass) will be in Hehman Hall this month.

Cost: First time free / $8 pre-registration / $10 at the door.

Please RSVP by Monday, June 3rd via Facebook or by purchasing a ticket so that we can prepare food.

Are you a young adult in your 20s or 30s? If so, we hope you can join us! i.d.9:16 was created in response to the call for a new evangelization. We are a thriving community of young adults seeking to live and encourage others to live as intentional disciples of Jesus Christ.